Online BingoPlaying Bingo online in Canada is not illegal and is in fact a pass time that many people partake in. However, with there being such a truly enormous number of online bingo sites you do need to be on your guard in regards to just which bingo site you choose to play at, for some of them are very poorly run and operated.

List of Bingo sites accepts player from Canada:

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With this in mind you will find this legal Canadian online bingo sites is going to enable you to get a much clearer understanding on the online real money bingo playing environment, and by taking note of all of the information contained within it you will then be able to make your own decision on whether you are going to enjoy playing bingo online.

Even though there are no Canadian licensed online bingo sites currently available there are many different commissions and regulatory bodies around the world who do offer online gambling licenses and for a listing of the more stringent ones and those licensing authorities offering players no protection then take a look at the foot of this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us first start off by answering some of the questions you may have regarding playing real money bingo games online. Below you are going to find the ten most frequently asked questions by Canada based bingo players who wish to or are thinking of playing bingo games online, and underneath each of those questions you will find the answers to each of them.

  • What jackpots are on offer?

    There are two different types of bingo jackpot games most commonly found online the first will be a jackpot that is guaranteed to be one set amount in value, the other types of jackpots attached to many bingo games are progressive jackpots and those games have jackpots that grow in value until someone wins one of them, those games will see players having to call bingo in a certain number of balls or less drawn out of the bingo machine to win the respective jackpot attached to those games.

  • Are all online bingo games fair?

    All online bingo games that are licensed in the recognised gaming jurisdictions are going to have proven to their licensing authority that all of their bingo games and random number generators that control each game are completely fair and true, and as such you should stick to playing online at licensed bingo sites to guarantee you are playing fair games.

  • When is the best time to play bingo online?

    You are never going to find bingo sites quiet as there are players logged on and playing bingo at all times of the day and night, if you are looking for higher paying games then you are best advised to log not a bingo site during the busier times of the day which are usually in the evenings as with more player taking part in each game the prizes on offer will of course be bigger in value.

  • How do I claim a prize playing bingo online?

    There is no need to stick up your hand when playing bingo online if you have just formed one of the winning patterns, and there is no need to scream out house or bingo either! The bingo software platforms used by most online bingo sites will keep track of your tickets for your automatically and as such whenever you have formed the winning pattern on any game you have entered the software calls house for you and as such you do not have to keep track of ever single ticket you have bought nor will you ever miss out on a w inning payout!

  • What does Pre Buying bingo tickets mean?

    The vast majority of online bingo sites are going to let you pre-buy your online bingo cards and the reason you are able to do this is that you may not be online or available later in the day when a big jackpot game for example is being played, and as such by buying your tickets well in advance you will automatically be entered into those games and the software will automatically check off your bingo cards for you and will call house for you if you win.

  • What is the legal minimum age to play bingo online?

    There are 10 provinces and three territories in Canada and each of them have their own laws in place regarding the legal minimum age at which citizens and residents are allowed to gamble. Be aware when playing at an online gambling site you will need to be the minimum legal age to gamble in your province or territory. When gambling online age checks will be carried out and you will often be required to supply any gambling site with copies of your Driving License and/or Passport.

  • What types of bingo games can I play online?

    The three most popular types of bingo games are all going to be available online and these are of course the 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games. You will find the 80 ball bingo games offer you the fastest action and as such the number of those games you can play in any one session is the largest.

    However when you for example play the 90 ball bingo games you will find those game offer not just one prize but three of them per game played. You will find all three of those bingo games also offer big jackpot prizes at certain times of the day and will have been designed as bingo jackpot games.

  • Are bingo winnings taxable in Canada?

    In Canada you will not have to pay any taxes on gambling winnings, this includes winnings from any game of chance. There are however gambling taxes in Canada but these are only charged and levied on gambling companies located within Canada and not imposed on gamblers themselves. You are therefore going to be able to pay, bet and gamble online without ever having to declare those winnings to the taxman. Canada residents will be able to claim back some or all of the tax when they have visited a US land based casino and have hit a jackpot over a certain amount.

  • How do I play bingo games on my mobile?

    You will be able to download a bingo App onto your mobile phone or tablet device if you wish to play bingo when you are out and about. The App will reside on your mobile phone and whenever you get the urge to play bingo you simply need to tap on the Bingo App and it will launch and then you can pick and choose just which bingo game you get stuck into playing. There is the same number of bingo games available on most Apps as you will find offered at online bingo sites by the way.

  • How much are bingo cards online?

    There is a huge spread of different bingo card prices online, and it is going to be down to the site you choose to play at in regards to how much you will have to pay to take part in that sites respective bingo games.

    However, having said that free bingo games are usually always on offer at all betting sites and if you want to play bingo online for very low stake levels then you will find most sites will allow you to buy bingo game son some of their games for as little as one cent per card. Some sites also now offer a buy one get one free deal on their bingo cards and bingo tickets so you get twice the chances of winning when claiming those promotional offers.

Legal Commonwealth Licensing Jurisdictions

  • UK Gambling Commission – You are highly unlikely to run into any problems when placing bets and wagers at any online sports betting site that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, and if you do the commission is always there to help you get any problems rectified.
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner – The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner oversees and regulated all gambling activates in Gibraltar and all online sports betting and gambling site operators located there.
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission – You will be guaranteed of finding a very reputable online gambling site if that site is a current holder of an Alderney Gambling Control Commission issued gaming license.
  • Isle of Man Casino Control Commission – One final gambling commission who is very stringent in regulating and overseeing all gambling sites holding one of their licenses is the Isle of Man Casino Control Commission, you are unlikely to experience nay problems when accessing any site licensed there.

Other Gambling Jurisdictions

Two online bingo site license issuers that have no real power in regards to seeking redress should a bingo player have any type of problems playing at any sites they have issued licenses too are the Government of Curacao and the Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling. You should avoid any sites holding one of their respective gambling licenses are they offer no protection what so ever and are simply licenses of convenience or even simply business licenses.