Online CasinoWith there being so many online casinos available and accessible to players based in Canada, and as you are not going to have any legal problems playing at a fully licensed but maybe offshore based casino sites, we have compiled the following guide that will introduce you to the finer points of playing real money casino games online.

The rapid growth pace in online gaming in Canada was the focal point this year at the Canadian Gaming Summit (CGA). The CGA is a yearly event held across different regions annually, and in 2017 it took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre while its focus was the rapid pace of change focused on online gaming in Canada.

The 2017 two-day summit organized by the CGA in union with MediaEdge Communication followed the same pattern as previous yearly summits, and the annual goals are to provide operators within the Canadian nation's gambling industry with insight as to how the industry is advancing as well as education in contemporary technology. Previously the Canadian Gaming Summit was predominantly focused on lottery systems and land-based gambling, although this year the focus changed and the primary topic for 2017 is online gaming. Canadian gamblers evolve along with technology in particular since the age of Internet gambling arrived.

MediaEdge's Senior Vice President, Chuck Nervick shedded some light on mobile gaming revolutions when he spoke with Calvin Ayre's Stephanie Raquel. According to his assessment, land-based casino resorts are less attractive to gambling enthusiast and more appealing as family getaways, while in contrast, it is online gaming that attracts more gamblers in Canada than ever before. Nervick also shared that with so much going on in the iGaming industry, that the theme of the summit had to be the rapid pace of change. The changes are not limited to traditional land-based gaming changing into online gaming but also many other industries are experiencing rapid change and include entertainment, beverages, and food.

List of Casino sites accepts player from Canada:

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Whilst all gambling sites that are located and based in Canada need to be licensed in Canada those based offshore and in different countries do not need a Canada issued gambling license. However, as a player if you choose to play at any casino site you do need to ensure the site you are playing at is licensed somewhere and the licensing authority or commission that has issued an online casino with a license is a worldwide recognised one.

Have a look through all section of this legal Canadian online casino sites guide, for it will allow you to make your own informed decision on where to play casino games online based on the information found upon it.

Online Gambling Growth In Canada

Since the turn of the century, online gaming in Canada has grown exponentially and even while Internet gambling was previously in its infantile stages Canadian players immediately took to it, prompting provincial governments to regulate the online gaming industry. The first to launch a provincial iGaming website in 2004 was British Columbia, while other such as Quebec followed in 2010 and by 2015 Ontario followed suit. Meanwhile, Canadian players have always had access to gambling sites catering for international players.

It was estimated by the Canadian Gaming Summit in 2016 that Canadian players spend around $4 billion yearly on online sports betting wagering while only $500 million was wagered at provincially regulated sportsbooks in contrast. When it comes to online gambling, Canadian players have always had unrestricted access to a much wider range of sports betting, casino sites, internet poker sites, bingo halls and other venues, ultimately dragging countless dollars overseas every year.

Provincial governments will have to, at some point, rationally address the online gambling issue, and one of the available options is to initiate an offshore gambling website ban, which some provincial governments have tried and failed in before. The more logical option could be to collect millions in licensing and taxes fees while players are protected at the same time.

Canadian Online Casino Industry Legality

Canada is no exception when it comes to the notoriously tricky subject of online gambling, and while technically online operators aren't legal, they are trendy. Until the 1960s, Canada was considered to be an anti-gambling country, although once legal rights were granted to gambling activities within its borders, this attitude was completely reversed and soon after lotteries and land-based casinos

Offshore gambling sites outside of Canada based in the UK's Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Cyprus are willing to accept players located in Canada. It is not illegal to play at operators located within Canada although it is illegal once the casino servers are located within Canada since the landmark legal ruling relates to the native reserve of Kahnawake, where several offshore operators base their casino servers. Much like its counterparts globally, the Canada law enforcement seems more preoccupied with matters such as preventing drugs and terrorism instead of putting more effort into online gambling prevention.

The Canadian provinces stand to profit from online gambling efforts and basically, there is currently no reason to make this a priority especially while the industry sticks to the right side of the law. So unless larger amounts of money continue to flow to offshore casino sites, it might not immediately become a priority, yet until it does, online gambling seems pretty safe in Canada.

Canada might actually find itself in a better situation than the US that plans to legalize online betting and gambling. The Trump election in November 2016 was a difficult period for the US as well as the legalization of marijuana in four different US states. What first looked like online gambling might just be next in line to be legalized in the US considerably changed since Trump's powerful allies continue to block the legislation and if the US is going to ever legalize online gambling, it might not take place during the Trump Presidency. Canada finds itself in a much more stable situation when it comes to online gambling legislation, and luckily for Canadians, this looks likely to continue for a while at the very least.

Online Gambling In Canada

The online gaming industry in Canada was hugely affected in 2016 when NetEnt, one of the leading developers of online software announced that it would no longer supply its products to online casino brands in Canada. UK online gaming giant, William Hill left the Canadian market on the 10th of May 2016 due to regulatory reasons and informed players to withdrawal all their funds, while Ladbrokes withdrew from Canada two years earlier, and other online operators withdrawing from Canada include Paddy Power in 2011 and Betfair in 2015.

By the 12th of May 2017, NetEnt announced that it secured its approval to provide casino games by Canada's BCLC. At the same time, the Stockholm-listed software provider confirmed that its products would be launched in British Columbia since the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch approved the developer as a licensed supplier. Thousands of Canadian online players now have higher hopes that NetEnt games might become available to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have what may appear like an endless list of questions that you are looking or the answers to if you wish to start playing casino game online from Canada for real money, and if so the following most frequently asked section of this guide will possibly answer most if not all of your questions, and allow you to make an informed decision as to whether online gambling is for you.

  • What options are available for depositing?

    As a Canadian online casino player you may find not all options are available to you in regards to how you can make a deposit into an online casino sites, whilst most debit and credit cards should work without any problems, there are some web wallets who do not permit Canadian resident to use their services, but there are quite a number who do.

  • Why do I need to send in identification?

    If an online casino contacts you and asks for you to send in some identification documents, it will be due to them not being able to automatically verify your account, when they do you will need to send them usually via email a copy of a photo identification document such as a passport or driving license.

  • How do I know online casino games are fair?

    The only way that you are going to know that an online casino is offering fair games is by making sure you research each site of fully before you start to play there. The online casinos that are licensed and regulated at any of the Commonwealth licensing jurisdictions named further down this website have all proven to their licensing authority their respective games are all completely fair and random and as such you will be able to play at any site displaying a logo form any of those gambling commission with complete peace of mind and confidence that their casino games are fair and random at all times.

  • Can I play via a web browser?

    An option is going to be available to you which will allow you to play any casino games offered at certain online casinos via your web browser, this option is offered if you do not want to download any software onto your computer, and all games available in a web browser based platform will use Flash as the engine that makes them tick and operate, so any computer you have must have Flash installed upon it to allow you to play casino games directly form with in a web browser.

  • Can I play casino games online at any age?

    There are 10 provinces and three territories in Canada and each of them have their own laws in place regarding the legal minimum age at which citizens and residents are allowed to gamble. Be aware when playing at an online gambling site you will need to be the minimum legal age to gamble in your province or territory. When gambling online age checks will be carried out and you will often be required to supply any gambling site with copies of your Driving License and/or Passport.

  • What types of casino games are available?

    If you wish to play card and table games then you will find literally dozens of each type and category of casino games available online, you will also come across dozens of different video poker games and lots of novelty type game online, however if you enjoy playing slot machines and slot games then you are going to be able to access literally thousands of different ones at many different casino sites, and as such you are going o have just as much fun and winning opportunities, if no more, when you play online as opposed to visiting a land based casino.

  • Are online casinos winnings liable to be taxed?

    In Canada you will not have to pay any taxes on gambling winnings, this includes winnings from any game of chance. There are however gambling taxes in Canada but these are only charged and levied on gambling companies located within Canada and not imposed on gamblers themselves. You are therefore going to be able to pay, bet and gamble online without ever having to declare those winnings to the taxman. Canada residents will be able to claim back some or all of the tax when they have visited a US land based casino and have hit a jackpot over a certain amount.

  • Can I play progressive slots online?

    You will certainly not be restricted in regards to the type of slot game you will be able to access and play online, and as such if you are a player who is only interested in play progressive slot games online that boast a huge progressive jackpot then you will find no shortages of these types of games are available to you. Be aware the way online lot games award their respective jackpots are just as wide and varied as land based casino slots so you could win one at random or win one in the usual ways by lining up the jackpot symbols on a certain payline.

  • Are free play options available?

    You are only going to be able to know if you will enjoy playing slots online by actually giving them some play time, and to allow you to do just that but in a no risk playing environment all fully licensed and legal online casinos will allow their new and existing players to log into their casino accounts as a guest player and play their slot machines and any other games at no risk. So yes you will be able to play casino games online for free with no obligation to make a real money deposit into your casino account.

  • How much can I win at an online casino?

    As there are going to be lots of games offered at most online casinos that have attached to them a progressive jackpot then if you are wondering just how much you are going to be able to win when playing at any casino site online then the sky is the limit! However, it is worth noting that many casinos are only going to let you withdraw a certain amount of cash over a certain given time period, and as such you should play online at casino sites that have the highest cash out limits, as no player is going to want to wait for ages to get paid their winnings!

Legal Commonwealth Licensing Jurisdictions

  • UK Gambling Commission – With the UK Gabling Commission having recently updated the way they oversee and regulated online casinos you are never going to run into any problems playing at any site licensed by them, and if you do the commission will step in and assist you.
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner – A high effective and popular gambling license issuer is the Gambling Commissioner in Gibraltar you will find lots of casinos licensed in Gibraltar all of which adhere to a strict code of conduct.
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission – There may not be lots of online casinos licences by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission but those that are all operate to the very highest industry standards.
  • Isle of Man Casino Control Commission – If you come across any online casino sites that have taken the time and effort to become licensed on the Isle of Man you will find they operate to the strict code of conduct and will offer you a first class gaming experience.

Other Gambling Jurisdictions

Placing any type of wagers at any online casino sites licensed by any of the above named gambling commission will ensure you get the best levels of service and will always have the help and assistance of that gambling commission should you experience any type of problems. However, two gambling license issuers that offer you no real protection are the Government of Curacao and the Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling, and as such you will be making a good judgement call avoiding any online casino sites licensed by either of those two entities.