Online PokerYou are able to play at an online poker site if you live in Canada, however the laws stipulates that any company that is based in Canada must hold a full gambling license to be able to legally offer any type of gambling game or gambling service to citizens and residents of Canada.

List of Poker sites accepts player from Canada:

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Should you wish to join the hundreds of thousands of poker players who log on to play poker every day of the week, then there are several aspects to doing so that you need to be fully aware of, and as such we invite you to have a read through of this Canadian poker playing guide as it will enlighten you on where to play, what poker games you can play online and which licensing jurisdictions offer you the best player protection.

Not all online poker sites are run and operated to the same high standards, and with most forms of gambling which are internet based you must ensure above all else that any poker site you choose to sign up to and play at is run and operated to the very highest standards to ensure you never experience any kind of problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canada based poker players who are thinking of moving some or even all of their land based real money poker playing action online are likely to have lots of questions that they are looking for the answers to and as such below are the most often asked questions by poker players thinking of playing poker online, along with the respective answers to those questions.

  • Are there any age restrictions in place?

    There are 10 provinces and three territories in Canada and each of them have their own laws in place regarding the legal minimum age at which citizens and residents are allowed to gamble. Be aware when playing at an online gambling site you will need to be the minimum legal age to gamble in your province or territory. When gambling online age checks will be carried out and you will often be required to supply any gambling site with copies of your Driving License and/or Passport.

  • How can I be assured I am accessing fair games?

    Only those poker sites that have had their games independently tested and certified as being fair and random and sites that hold a gambling licensed form a recognised gaming platform are going to offer you games which you can be completely confident play and pay as they should, and as such it is important that you only every play at licensed poker sites as by playing at an unlicensed site you may run the risk of playing all manner of different poker game that are not fair and random.

  • What methods can I use to deposit?

    You should only play at online poker sites if you live in Canada that will allow you to deposit using Canadian Dollars, and in regards to how you will be able to transfer funds into any legal and licensed poker site you will be able to use Web Wallets, Bank Transfer or use your debit and credits cards quite easily with not many restrictions in place.

  • How quickly do poker sites payout?

    Poker sites can take any amount of time to pay you your winnings, and as such always take a look over any poker sites banking pages on their websites for by doing so you will find the time scales that site uses to pay their winning player based on the method those players have chosen to be paid out by. Some sites payout in hours but some can take days to end you all of your winnings, and some sites also have maximum cash out limits per day or week.

  • Can I play in free poker tournaments online?

    Playing poker tournaments that will not cost you anything to enter are always popular with poker players and as such you will certainly find no shortages of freeroll poker tournaments offered at most if not all poker sites.

  • When is the best time to log in and play online poker?

    You may be wondering if you log onto an online poker site in the early hours of the day for example that there may not be many players also logged in and playing. However, as most online poker sites have players from all over the world playing at their respective sites then due to the time one differences in many different parts of the world you are never really going to find that there are quieter times of the day or night or busy times of the day or night.

    However, what you will find is that when an online poker site has a large paying poker tournament up and running there will usually be a huge number of player slogged into those sites as high paying poker tournaments are of course always popular with players.

  • Will I be playing against professional poker players?

    Many professional and experienced poker players will regularly log into an online poker site to play, and as such you are never going to know who you are playing against. Most sites will simply display a players user name but more and more poker sites online will now allow players to play completely anonymously and his enables those players to play with confidence and will not allow other players to track you and make notes on how you play.

  • What Poker taxes do I have to pay?

    In Canada you will not have to pay any taxes on gambling winnings, this includes winnings from any game of chance. There are however gambling taxes in Canada but these are only charged and levied on gambling companies located within Canada and not imposed on gamblers themselves. You are therefore going to be able to pay, bet and gamble online without ever having to declare those winnings to the taxman. Canada residents will be able to claim back some or all of the tax when they have visited a US land based casino and have hit a jackpot over a certain amount.

  • What poker games can I play online?

    All of the more common and also all of the more rarer types of poker games are going to be able to be played online, whilst there are some poker sites that only have the standard games such as Texas Hold Em and Omaha Poker available, you will find lots of sites that offer a wider selection of poker game variants, so always be prepared to hunt around to find those more unique games, but do make sure you know how to play those variants perfectly before giving them any amount of play time online.

  • What type of software do I have to download?

    The beauty of playing poker online is that you are not necessarily required to actually have to download any software onto your computer, some poker sites do of course have a fully downloadable gaming platform, and when playing at such as site you will find the gaming platforms are all fully configurable.

    However, if you just what to get stuck into playing poker online without having to spend any amount of time downloading the software many poker sites online have a web browser based gaming platform and as such you can instantly play any type of poker game from within your webs browser and by doing so will never need to use up any of the storage space on your computer by downloading a gaming platform on to it.

Legal Commonwealth Licensing Jurisdictions

  • UK Gambling Commission – You will be hard pressed to find an online gaming license issuer that is as experienced and regulates all of their license holders as strictly as the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner – Gibraltar is where dozens of different online gambling sites are based and regulated, and if you demand the very best poker sites at which to play at all those licensed in Gibraltar are high recommended and will never let you down.
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission – You should find every single online poker site that holds an Alderney gambling license are run to the highest standards and will offer you a safe and enjoyable online poker playing experience.
  • Isle of Man Casino Control Commission – The Isle of Man is where a lot of casino software and online casino and poker game designers are based, and this small island has a very robust and experienced Gambling Commission who oversee and regulate lots of online casino sites.

Other Gambling Jurisdictions

We have just informed you of four of the very best online gambling licensing commissions, now let us tell you about two online gambling license issuing entities that you should avoid one is the Government of Curacao and the other is the Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling, whilst they both offer online poker site licenses you will never be able to seek assistance from either of them should you run into any problems playing at any poker site licensed by them.