Poker rooms have witnessed great progress once they left the brick-and-mortar constructions and turned to the Internet. Online poker sites managed to revolutionize the way people perceive and play poker, as well as the way they win and collect their profits.

Poker sites have been known to cooperate with the major banks and financial institutions. This is because they want to allow their players to choose the payment method of their preference.

However, many of them were skeptical regarding the fact that they would have to share their credit or debit card information and risk their money. Ever since e-wallets first started to appear, PayPal has taken over the primate position in wireless money transfers. Now, you can find it as a payment option on a large portion of the poker sites around the world.

Basically, PayPal is a type of an e-wallet that allows you to deposit money in your personal account and make purchases from any online shop. Plus, you can also withdraw money to your PayPal account and perform transfers, just like you do when you win at poker and you collect the profits. Its reputation is largely due to its primary characteristics: security, flexibility and responsiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although PayPal has been around us for almost two decades, it recently achieved a major global coverage. For one, this may have been due to the fact that people thought they couldn’t trust online orders and payments. A clean track record proved its functionality and trustworthiness and allowed PayPal to expand to new territories, including poker sites.

Nonetheless, it’s understandable for some poker players to have a hard time working on it, which is why this should serve as a great knowledgebase to get you started. After all, once you’re on a roll, for all that cash.

  1. How to use PayPal?

    The only obligation you have if you want to use this payment method at poker sites is to set up an account at PayPal. It allows you to deposit money from any existing card to the account and later use it for various purchases.

    Speaking about poker rooms in particular, this type of account is fit for both deposit and withdrawal procedures. All you have to do is sign up to your chosen poker room and select PayPal as your chosen method for payment. The pop-up window which should normally appear will solely ask for your PayPal account and the amount you wish to deposit to your poker account.

  2. How long do I have to wait for a transaction?

    The better way to put this into words would be to ask “how LITTLE” as transactions occurring over PayPal are momentarily over. As soon as you’ve selected the amount you wish to deposit from you PayPal account to the poker room, you are able to enter any table you wish. The same goes for withdrawing procedures. You may take your money from the poker site at great speed, and also transfer it right through your PayPal to your bank account.

  3. Are there any deposit limits?

    Normally, PayPal would allow their users to deposit as much as they need and have onto their respective accounts. Nonetheless, some poker rooms might have a deposit limit of about $10-$15, whereas their deposit maximum is high above this, ranging around a couple of hundreds of dollars.

  4. Are there any fees when depositing money?

    When it comes to PayPal, there is rarely any fee for the specific financial transfers. Generally speaking, there are no primary fees when depositing money or withdrawing money when you’ve earned enough and simply want to collect your winnings.

    The process of withdrawal used to cause a lot of dilemmas for poker players because they didn’t know how to perform it. Nowadays, all it takes is to set up your own PayPal account and select it as a payment option at the cash registers in the poker rooms.

    There has been some dilemma regarding the process of withdrawal, but once you know that the poker room cash register has a PayPal option, there should be no problem getting your winnings through to your bank account through your one true money pal.

  5. Will I be able to use my Welcome Bonus if I make a deposit through my PayPal Account?

    Recently, online poker rooms have been trying to modernize some of their aspects. So, they tried to attract their players by offering numerous kinds of bonuses and promotions. Using a PayPal account as a payment method at your poker site shouldn’t stop you from enjoying its benefits just like all the other players. Still, not many poker sites are able to provide this option. If such a thing happens, the best thing you can do is to continue with your search.

  6. Are there any complications regarding currency exchanges?

    If your chosen poker site does not support your country’s standard currency, PayPal is bound to take a small fee out of your total amount when withdrawing and calculating the foreign exchange rate. Therefore, it’s best to hold back until you find an online poker room which both fits your needs and your currency.

  7. Are these PayPal services available via mobile devices?

    PayPal services are available practically everywhere, on computers, smartphones and tablets alike. Basically, all that it requires is that you download and install the relevant software in order to function in accordance to your bank and poker room account. Moreover, it has recently been made available for multiple operating systems such as iOS and Android.

  8. Which safety measures do PayPal’s service providers offer?

    The primary and most important type of security is the encryption that they use during transfers. Hence, the money operations you perform are completely protected and cannot be decoded in case someone tries to cross the line. In these types of situations, you should also be aware of the Resolution Center which is open to help you, any time of the day or night.

  9. Is my PayPal information protected from online poker rooms?

    Poker sites don’t demand any in-depth information about the PayPal accounts of each of its players. They normally ask for the email address that you have associated to your PayPal account in order to get the transaction going in no time.

    Poker sites employ a specific technique for data protection of all its users. Namely, they have been said to use 128-bit encryption technology, which is usually found in all the major financial organizations worldwide.

  10. What to share and what not to share?

    Once you have connected your PayPal account with the poker site of your choice, there are only a couple of things which you would need to share in order to function properly and protect your identity. The amount of your deposit or withdrawal and your PayPal email address is all the information which you should provide to the respective online poker room.

    When it comes to the technical matter, the same 128-bit encryption is preferred by PayPal technicians as well. Furthermore, their tech support workers are constantly on the lookout for unusual activities, turning all problematic aspects into care-free ones.

PayPal Poker – Legal Matters in Different Countries

Many countries tend to view online gambling and online poker games, in particular, as something completely wrong. When it comes to this matter, the USA turns out to be one of the strictest legislatures in the world. Not only do they only allow 3 states to actively engage in these games, they have also imposed restrictions regarding any type of financial transactions based on US soil which would be intended for financing any organizations which are tied to online gambling.

On the contrary, UK and Ireland are considered to be one of the greatest users of this type of e-wallet. For the UK, there are still not enough reliable poker rooms, but they manage to make do with several, yet high-quality ones.

Canada is somewhere in the middle regarding this matter, as its citizens are not provided with any option regarding Canadian online poker rooms which allow PayPal transactions. The most advisable technique is to employ this e-wallet software on existing online poker rooms which have already gained a positive reputation.

Despite taking a turn to the southern hemisphere, there is little difference between Canada and Australia. The land of the kangaroos still hasn’t managed to overcome the obstacles which would allow their sites to employ PayPal. Therefore, the best way to approach this matter is to simply let it rest for a certain period while using their standard methods of depositing and withdrawing money – their bank accounts.