If, like us you thought it was all some weird type of dream that Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor would ever really take to the ring, you will not have very long to wait now until they do!

On paper this is going to be a very one sided match, and there is not one sportsbook or betting site around the globe that isn’t offering a betting market on that match!

We are also 100% confident that you will already have made your own mind up as to who will win that match, and if you have how about putting some cash down and having a bet on it?

If that is something you are prepared to do, then as you still have plenty of time until the match is scheduled to start, we would advise you to take a step back and find out just what types of bets will become available to you and to also make a point of shopping around by comparing the odds available on the bets you wish to place too.

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In fact, now may be an ideal time for you to sign up to a range of online or mobile betting sites and betting apps, for we are aware of quite a number of them that are giving all some of the most generous sign up bonuses, to get new customers to join their betting sites and using their betting apps.

Those bonuses can take the form of a free matched bet or you may even find some sites and apps that will match your initial deposit, and by selecting the ones offering the highest odds on that match, and also the ones offering the best sign up bonuses you can lock in lots of additional betting value!

What you are however going to decide, and decide sooner rather than later is just which types of bets you do wish to play on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor match, as there are lots of different kinds of bets you will find being offered to you. With that in mind and to help you make something of a much more informed decision on just which types of bets will be best suited to you and possibly your bankroll too, below we have listed some of the most popular boxing bets, that you will have no problems finding being offered to you at any betting site.


Best Mayweather vs. McGregor Bets to Place

Below are some of the most popular bet types that are currently being placed all over the world on the Mayweather vs. McGregor match.

As such if you do fancy placing one of them then do as we advised you above, and send as much time as you can do looking for a betting site, mobile betting app or sportsbook offering only the very highest bets and money lines.

Mayweather to Win – The sheer volume of money being placed on Mayweather to win this match mean that the odds you will find being offered to you are very low in value!

Even when you compare the odds available to you at different Sportsbooks you will find the is the odds on certainty to win this match, but a win is a win and as such if you think he will win then that simple to place bet will be the one for you to place!

Draw – You may be unaware that you can also place a bet on the match ending in a draw, whilst in reality that may not happen, if you are convinced it will then there are some fair and reasonable odds being made available to all sports bettors at various different betting sites.

McGregor to Win – Many people will always be rooting for the underdog in any boxing match, and as such you will find that you will of course be able to place a bet on Connor McGregor to win this match, in fact there are many people who are convinced he wouldn’t have agreed to the match if he didn’t think he could win it, so never be put off placing a bet on him winning, as he may just do!

Method of Victory – Another of the many different types of bets and wager you are going to not only be able to place on the Mayweather vs. McGregor match but any boxing match is the method of victory bet.

The name of this bet does give you an indication of what you need to predict when placing it, and by naming the boxer who wins and the method of his victory you will find some quite tempting odds on offer to you!

Round Won In – You may find the very best odds available if you choose to place a bet on which you pick one of the boxers to win but also correctly name the round in which they do win the match. There are of course lots of possible different permutations and possible outcomes to this type of bet and as such the odds on offer will reflect the chance of each boxer winning in any of the rounds of the match!

If you think that Mayweather or for that matter McGregor will win this up and coming match, but are not impressed with the odds being offered to you at any online or mobile sportsbook or any local land based sportsbook or betting office, then consider making use of a betting exchange.

When you do so you are going to be able to ask for the odds you want to be given on any type of sports bet you want to place, also you are going to be able to lay bets placed by other sports fans too!

The only thing to be aware of when using a betting exchange is that you will be required to pay the operator of that betting exchange a small commission whenever you win when you have placed a bet or you have won the stakes off another punter when laying their bets!