Anna Khait Gives Mixed Reports On Allegations Of Spying On The FBI

Updated On May 17, 2021 by Natalie Whitehead

Anna KhaitAnna Khait, a former Survivor contestant and poker player has been in the news for allegedly being involved in a plot targeting perceived political opponents of former US President Donald Trump. Details of the alleged secret operation were brought to light last week by the New York Times (NYT).

The news outlet named Khait as one of several female undercover agents working for Project Veritas, a controversial far-right group which was founded by American political activist James O’Keefe in 2010. When the story was published, Khait immediately denied the allegations via a series of posts on social media, though she did not respond to a request for comment from the NYT itself.

Now, the Russian-born ex-poker pro has attack the American daily newspaper, but her latest rants seemed to misinterpret a portion of the NYT story. The article revolves around an alleged plot by Project Veritas to spy on the FBI and other US government officials in an attempt to expose anti-Trump sentiments.

Inside Edition


The group allegedly recruited several women to arrange for a date with some members of the bureau, and then secretly record their conversations. The NYT did not specifically link Khait to the FBI plot. The story alleges that she was involved in another undercover operation targeting a State Department employee.

But Khait has continued to deny any involvement in the alleged FBI sting operation when the NYT never mentioned that she was part of it. In one of her latest tweets, the 32-year old said she had “nothing to do with an FBI probe” and attacked the poker community and her critics for believing that “fake news“.

Admits to Investigating State Department Employee

As to the separate undercover operation Khait was allegedly part of, the State Department official in question was Stuart Karaffa. The operation was conducted in 2018 and Project Veritas released a video of it. The group exposed Karaffa as being part of the so-called “Deep State” actively working to sabotage the Trump administration.

The NYT story did not go into the details of the secret operation targeting Karaffa and did not specifically mention Khait as being among those involved in the secret recording of the former State Department employee’s statements. But Khait appeared to spill the beans in a fresh tweet, suggesting she may have played a role in the operation.

She said she probed a “communist in the Department of State” at a public event which resulted in that official getting fired.

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