Crown Perth’s Bad Publicity Continues As RC Wraps Up Investigation

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Crown PerthSummary

  • Crown Perth investigation coming to a close
  • Casino employees distrust senior management
  • Perth Casino Royal Commission to decide on fate of casino

The problems just keep piling up for Australian casino operator Crown Resorts. A report recently released by the Perth Casino Royal Commission reveals the worrying state of the working conditions at Crown Perth. The release of the report comes just as the commission finishes up its witness hearings.

Pretty soon, the commission will have to decide whether Crown Perth can keep its license or if things are so bad that its casino license needs to be suspended.

Employees Afraid To Speak Up

One of the big revelations from the reports is the various anecdotes from the staff. Many of them believed that the company was focusing on earning money more than following gaming regulations. Staff told the commission that they felt they worked with people who would bend the rules to make a profit. There was also a general mistrust of the senior leadership who were viewed as being focused mainly on making money.

This comes after the many allegations that the company has been turning a blind eye towards various violations and a focus on profits. This includes infiltration by criminals and money laundering. Problem gambling is also a major problem, as there are reports that the casino staff was not concerned condition of guests.

ABC News (Australia)


Under questioning by the commission, the senior leadership at Crown Perth says that there is a lot of work to be done to fix things. This includes hiring specialists and making major changes in their current rules and processes. An overhaul of the company culture is also necessary to ensure that the underlying issues behind the problems are fixed.

Survey Shows Cause For Concern

The report was done by surveying staff, with every employee being asked to respond to the survey. Around 60 percent of them took part in the survey. The report also revealed some concern about the psychological safety of the employees. To highlight this, only 55 percent of respondents felt that they could bring up concerns about casino problems without getting penalized. This was even worse in the casino’s surveillance team, which specialized in looking out for wrongdoing. Only 19 percent felt that they could make a report without getting punished.

The results of the report were not encouraging and the analysis was even worse. According to experts, if the commission wanted to make substantial changes in the company’s culture, then it would take between three to five years.

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