Crown Resorts Employee Gets Exposed as a Neo-Nazi

Updated On Aug 17, 2021 by Ella McDonald

Daniel TodiscoThe Age, 60 Minutes, and The Sydney Morning Herald have all been involved in an eight-month-long investigation into one of Australia’s most prominent neo-Nazi groups — the National Socialist Network.

They have infiltrated the group and have now released the first part of their investigation, which has finally exposed the group’s membership lists and the leaders’ support for the notorious Christchurch terrorists.

This would have nothing to do with Crown Resorts if it weren’t for a video showing one member of its staff, subsequently identified as Daniel Todisco (pictured), a security manager in Crown Resorts Melbourne, making racist comments. Todisco is also a former special forces soldier and has a Police vetted security license.

The hidden camera showed him bragging about “bossing around the f—–g n—-rs” at the pokies casino he works in. He also proudly proclaimed that he tends to give them terrible jobs on purpose.

He further discussed his job by stating that he doesn’t mind working at Crown Resorts because the majority of the upper-management employees are white.

The video was recorded by an undercover reporter who used a hidden camera during the group’s meeting at a clubhouse. The media have named the location “Racism HQ”.

60 Minutes Australia


Besides this video that is damaging for his reputation and future professional career, the investigation brought further incriminating evidence. He is not an overly active member, but he does financially support the National Socialist Network.

Crown Resorts quickly came out with a statement on Monday. The company’s spokeswoman stated that they are starting an urgent investigation into Daniel Todisco and his role at Crown Resorts. She reiterated on behalf of her company that Crown doesn’t condone any discrimination on any level within the organisation, which is why they will investigate the matter carefully.

This marks yet another scandal involving Crown Resorts and members of its organisation. Admittedly, it’s a smaller one compared to the several ongoing investigations into Crown’s business operations. These investigations involve several Crown casinos across Australia, and they mostly have to do with money laundering.

As for the neo-Nazi investigation, it also alleged that several other men in the group are employed in the civil service and have public profiles. Furthermore, many of the neo-Nazis in the investigation are bikies or members of other extremist groups that the National Socialist Network deals with in Australia.

The investigation is still not done for the public, as the second part will air on Sunday on 60 Minutes.

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