Ferrari Boss Touts New SF1000 Car Ahead of F1 2020 Season

Updated On Feb 14, 2020 by Landon Wheeler

Ferrari SF1000Mattia Binotto, the team boss for Ferrari, touted the new car they unveiled for the 2020 Formula 1 season. The new car is called the SF1000 and is the product of Ferrari taking their concepts and ideas to the utmost extreme.

Ferrari failed to make much of an impression last year, garnering just three first-place finishes. On the other hand, rival Mercedes Benz had an excellent year, obliterating much of the competition.

Binotto stated that the new Ferrari car for 2020 only looks similar to the previous year’s, but has been constructed to attain the highest possible aerodynamic performance—the very area where the team struggled to shine in 2019.

Last year’s Ferrari moved very fast in straight lines due to its massive engine, but also because it lacked downforce, a key attribute that made it difficult to overtake Red Bull’s and Mercedes’ vehicles.


In 2020, Ferrari will look to rectify their mistakes by focusing on downforce in the SF1000—named to commemorate what will be the team’s 1,000th World Championship grand prix this year. The car is designed to maximise downforce by making the body as narrow, light, and slim as possible. In addition, the car’s suspension was expressly designed to generate adaptability on track.

The SF1000 continues Ferrari’s commitment to the “inboard-loaded” design at the front of the car—a departure from the design philosophy of Mercedes. Industry observers note that such a design can help ensure steady downforce, but also decreases the maximum load possible.

Vettel and LeClerc Excited for New Season

Sebastian Vettel, a four-time champion said he is excited to drive the team’s new car. Vettel said he was able to conduct a comparison between the old and new cars, and is confident that Ferrari’s team has found the needed answers to improve their performance from last year. Vettel identified the back packaging as a key point of improvement made by the SF1000.

Vettel starts the season with a bit of pressure after his results were eclipsed by teammate Charles Leclerc. Vettel hopes that the new car will help him recover.

LeClerc was re-signed by Ferrari in December 2019 as he had a blockbuster first season for the team in 2019 which was just his second season in F1. He went on to score seven pole positions and won two races, while Vettel won just one. Ferrari announced recently that their two drivers will be permitted to race each other for position, reversing their policy last year, which afforded Vettel leeway in specific situations. Vettel’s contract is set to expire after this season while LeClerc has been signed till 2024.

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