Former England Captain ‘Blackmailed’ After Pics Released With 3 Women

Updated On Jul 28, 2021 by Landon Wheeler

Wayne Rooney Sleeping whilst two women poke funFormer England captain Wayne Rooney who captained the England football team from 2014 to 2017 has found himself in the midst of another controversy. Rooney who now coaches Derby made headlines in the UK after photos of him and three women surfaced on Instagram this week.

Rooney has four sons with wife Coleen and the two have been married since 2008. During his time as a player, there have been a number of off-field incidents that have put their marriage under pressure and Rooney’s career under pressure.

Some of these incidents include Rooney engaging with prostitutes, drunk driving and crazy partying. Even after retiring, it appears that Rooney is still painting the town when he gets the chance to.

Rooney was found to have invited three women in their early 20s whom he met at the Chinawhite nightclub back to his hotel. The women met up with Rooney at a Manchester hotel that charged £60 per night.

The women who are quite active on Instagram posted pictures of Rooney sleeping and them in the room fully clothed. The photos on Instagram went viral rather quickly and one of the photos had a message which asked Rooney to pay up 10 grand or they would be sent to Coleen.

When Rooney found out that the images were posted on Instagram, he got very upset and asked his lawyers to get in touch with the police as he was being blackmailed.

Police Decide Not To Investigate

The three women who engaged with Wayne Rooney are Brooke Morgan, Elise Melvin and Tayler Ryan who is a snapchat model. All three of them are friends and were apparently out to celebrate a 21st birthday.

The mother of one of the girls told media that Rooney sent over a security guard and invited them over to his VIP table. She said Rooney should not have invited the young ladies over to his table and said they were stupid to accept his invite and go back to his room. The media controversy over the entire incident had left the three ladies in tears.

The police however have decided not to investigate the matter as they spoke to a certain individual and decided that there was no malicious intent or blackmail threat involved.

Derby are not happy with Rooney’s antics and say they are currently in a 50/50 position on deciding whether to keep him or sack him.

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