Warriors Ready To Close Out Series With New Orleans Pelicans

Updated On May 8, 2018 by Landon Wheeler

golden state warriorsThe defending champions finished Game 4 with a convincing victory over Alvin Gentry’s New Orleans Pelicans on their home turf and are now in a position to finish the struggling Pelicans come Game 5. Golden State Warriors are up 3-1 in the series and will likely close out the series in Game 5 which takes place on May 9.

At this stage of the series, New Orleans fans realize that that the Warriors will defend their homecourt and play the up-tempo game that the Pelicans have copied, making it difficult for their team to make it 3-2 and push it into Game 6.

The Pelicans had a real poor showing in Game 4 and they will be hoping that they make a swift recovery and forget that bad outing.

The Pelicans will want to play as they did in Game 3 where they showed that they can stand toe-to-toe against the Warriors using their brand of basketball. The Pelicans fell into the trap of trying to sustain a fast tempo, something that the Warriors are experts at. Trying to beat the Warriors at their own game sealed their fate. To extend the series, they should look to slow the game down and dominate the paint once more.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr already confirmed that he will start with the same players in Game 5 and one can expect Kevin Durant to lead the way.

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Who’s Next For The Warriors?

The Houston Rockets are dominating the Utah Jazz and currently lead the series 3-1. The James Harden and Chris Paul-led Rockets will likely face Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant in an exciting and thrilling western conference finals. Chris Paul’s addition to the Houston Rockets is a gamechanger. Having two ball-dominant playmakers and a rising two-way center in Clint Capela will give the Rockets a better chance against the Warriors, than the Pelicans ever had.

Houston leads the regular series match up with the Warriors at 2-1 this season. However, the Warriors in the playoffs are a far different team than the team that showed up during the playoffs. They step up their game when it counts and will be hard to beat. The best 2 teams squaring off for a winner take all series will give everybody the basketball frenzy that we all craved for.

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