Hoyos Conducts $100 mln. Global Hacker Challenge

Updated On Jul 3, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

HOYOS INTEGRITYHoyos Integrity Corporation (“HOYOS”), a Secure Mobile Telecommunications as a Service (SaaS) Provider, is conducting Global Hacker Challenge carrying prize money of $100 million worth RISEN (RSN) utility tokens. The prize money is deposited in a public crypto wallet, secured by the unique, proprietary, biometric lock system co-developed by Hoyos.

The system is compliant with IEEE standard 2410. So far, the challenge has drawn more than 300 hackers. Unfortunately, none have succeeded in breaking the wallet.

Both Android and iOS versions of the secure crypto wallet is available. Furthermore, the wallet can also run on the company’s military-grade secure smartphone, named BIBLOS, which stands for Biometrics Blockchain Secure Smartphone. The blockchain platform, immune to hacking and malware attacks, is powered by the Hoyos Risen token, which ensures a real-time impervious security environment.

The platform also provides total privacy for voice and data communications, cryptocurrencies, identity, wallets, smart contracts, cryptocurrency keys, personal images, medical data and other crucial records. Hoyos has provided the public address and private key for hackers to attempt breaking the wallet to gain control over $100 million worth RSN tokens.

  • Public Address – 0x522f2dAB3a68a1337C290F1383b5f9DC0B8e1aCf
  • Private Key – b1381d653e9a5ebf4def01bf3a7216a44c32e76d0b0e05b6e4c6667504e380d7

Hector Hoyos Chairman, CEO, and Chief Technology Officer of Hoyos Integrity Corporation said

“As we have begun to market our RISEN offering, the reception we have received from global banks, high net worth investors, and government agencies has been overwhelming. Nearly everyone we have spoken with has requested access to our technology to try and punch holes in it. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. If you really believe in what you do, then put it to the test in the most open and public way possible, hence we came out with this challenge. If you can hack it, you can keep it, but it won’t happen.”

The company stated that RISEN technology and solutions were created by laying emphasis on security. The technology can prevent identity theft, while offering privacy. It can secure payments, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, financial trade and transactions of all kinds by locking them with distinctive user’s biometrics.

Hoyos stated

“With our technology, crypto exchanges and consumers can protect all their crypto assets without any need to print and hide their wallet private keys, or even use archaic and insecure methods like cold storage devices or protocols. It’s all digitally and biometrically protected in a decentralized way, as it was meant to be, protecting from both outside and insider threats.”

Hoyos further stated,

“There are many companies around the world marketing so-called secure smart phones, secure crypto-wallets and pretty much every flavor of security possible. None of them are actually secure. Not even apps like Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal can secure you, because your content (voice, data) is stolen in memory by ram scraper malware before it encrypts. We are the only game on the planet and are proving it with this Challenge.”


HOYOS INTEGRITY Corporation is a US company with offices in Florida, Puerto Rico, New York, and Washington D.C. The company specializes in tactical communications equipment and supplies a secure ecosystem of rugged and non-rugged, tactical, handheld smartphones and other communication devices to military, Federal, public safety customers and companies worldwide.

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