Verstappen Says No Pressure On Him Ahead Of Turkish Grand Prix

Updated On Oct 8, 2021 by Landon Wheeler

Max VerstappenThe Turkish Grand Prix will take place on October 10 at the Intercity İstanbul Park and it’s going to be a big race for current Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Hamilton has dominated the F1 circuit but this year, Red Bull’s Verstappen has done a great job and is now just 2 points behind Hamilton on the F1 points table.

Verstappen current has 7 wins this season and 11 podium finishes that have got him 244.5 points while Hamilton has 246.5 points with 5 wins and 11 podium finishes. A win at the Turkish Grand Prix will give Verstappen the lead and will also push him closer to winning his first F1 championship.

Red Bull have been contenders for the F1 championship since 2013 and they are now definitely in with a chance. Verstappen should be under pressure going into the Turkish Grand Prix because there is a lot at stake for him and his team. However, the 24 year old played things down and said that both Red Bull and him will stick to the basics and look to do their best like they always do.

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Fernando Alonso, a two time F1 Champion said Verstappen was different from a lot of F1 drivers as he absorbs pressure a lot better than the other drivers. One of the main reasons for this is because Verstappen does not look too far ahead and only takes it one race at a time.

Hamilton Thrives Under Pressure

Hamilton won the 2020 F1 Grand Prix Championship comfortably as there was no one close enough to challenge him and put him under pressure. It’s different in 2021 as Verstappen is breathing down his neck and Hamilton welcomes the challenge.

The 7 time F1 Champion said it was great for the sport and the fans to see two teams competing so fiercely with both drivers having a chance to push for the 2021 F1 Championship. Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes is in third place but is well behind Hamilton and Verstappen as Bottas has 151 points with 0 wins and 8 podium finishes this season.

Hamilton was recently at the Paris Fashion Week and said it was important for him to take him mind of F1 and find ways to blow off some steam and regain his focus. He is confident that his years of experience on the F1 circuit, will help him thrive under pressure.

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