PokerStars Ban On Seated Scripts To Take Effect From Monday

Updated On Mar 1, 2019 by Natalie Whitehead

pokerstarsPokerStars has made some significant changes to its policies especially regarding the use of seated scripts and the usage of semi-automated and automated reference materials during play.

These changes will be rolled out across the world and will be applicable to all poker games available on client.

There are many poker pros out there that are tech savvy and take advantage of this to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the playing field. They do this by leveraging software programs like seated scripts and relying on automated reference marketing materials to have an edge over the competition.

The online poker giant has decided that it is in the best interests of all players if it rolled out changes that made the playing field event. As a result, players who used to rely on seated scripts and reference material will have to rethink their playing strategy from March 4.

Seated Scripts are automated tools that help identify where weaker poker players are seated and then helps the user get seated at such a table. This obviously gives them an added advantage as they have a weaker playing field which they can take advantage off and win more easily.

PokerStars director of innovation and poker operations addressed these changes in his recent blog post. Severin Rasset said that the online poker room wanted to eliminate the use of any programs that artificially increased the chances of a poker playing being able to win. The idea behind the new changes was to provide players with a fair and safe gaming environment and also to ensure that it was purely a poker player’s skills that influence the final outcome.

Limited Reference Material Access

Poker players are always looking for an extra edge over their competition and one way their achieve this is by using detailed reference material which is often referred to as starting hand charts. A number of players use this as a guide and gain an artificial advantage of the competition.

PokerStars has now decided to significantly restrict the reliance on reference materials. Now, players will only be able to use reference materials for basic hand decisions. PokerStars has released a PDF filed that provides in-depth information on what types of reference material will be permitted after March 4. While PokerStars understands this will be tough to enforce, Rasset assured players that the online poker room had ways to get this done.

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