Pop Star P!nk Slams EHF For Being Sexist And Offers To Pay Fines

Updated On Jul 27, 2021 by Landon Wheeler

P!nk offers to pay Norways Women's Beach Handball Team FineThe Norwegian women’s beach handball team took to social media to protest against the judgement and fines they were given by the European Handball Federation (EHF).

They took part in the European Beach Handball Championships last week and ended up finishing in third place and getting a bronze medal after losing to Spain on 25 July.

The EHF was unhappy with the Norwegian women’s beach handball team after they refused to wear bikini bottom’s and preferred to play in shorts.

Each player was handed a fine of around $175. Instead of keeping quiet and paying the fines, the players took to social media to protest and let the world know that the EHF was being sexist.

The EHF made it clear that the women’s team must wear bikini bottom’s and even specified that the bikini bottom should not be more than 10 cm on any side. This came across as blatant sexualisation to the Norwegian women’s beach handball team and they decided to go against the rules and play in shorts.

After posting about their sexist treatment at the hands of the EHF, a number of sporting personalities and celebrities came out in support of the Norwegian women’s beach handball team. Tennis legend Billie Jean King said that women were clearly being sexually exploited as no such rules were applicable to the men. The men were allowed to play in shorts and a t-shirt.

The American artist known as Pink who has a number of hits to her name including ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ not only supported the women’s team but also said that she would be happy to pay the fines on behalf of the women. She lashed out at the EHF and called them a sexist organization and said they were the ones who needed to be fined.

Norwegian Handball Federation Support Women

The Norwegian Handball Federation also came out in support of its women’s team and said they backed their decision to play in shorts. The Norwegian Handball Federation also said they would be willing to pay the fines to the EHF.

The Federation also posted on social media and said they were very happy to see the amount of global attention and support coming in for their women’s team. The ended their post saying they hope this pressure and outcry from all over the world will force the EHF to change this ridiculous rule.

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