Premier League Will Ban Racist Fans From All Grounds Going Forward

Updated On Aug 11, 2021 by Landon Wheeler

Premier LeagueThe Premier League is set to welcome fans back in full capacity and is excited to once again have packed stadiums for all its matches. Fans who are looking to buy tickets and watch the games live can expect a couple of major changes this season. We list the two main changes below.

UK football fans are definitely right up there when it comes to the most passionate sports fans across the world. Some of these fans can sometimes resort to abuse when a player or their team ends up having a bad day. The abuse often comes in the form of chants at the stadium or via social media.

The Premier League has come under pressure in recent times to do more to stomp out racism in football.

Some of the Premier League teams have adopted a policy which bans racist fans from attending any of their home games. The Premier League has launched a ‘No Room for Racism’ campaign and one of the main points of this campaign is to ensure that racist fans are completely banned from attending all Premier League games.

This move has received full support from Premier League teams as well as the players. The Premier League is also running a special video campaign to educate fans and ask them not to boo players who decide to take a knee before the start of the game. Stewards who work at the ground during a live match will also be trained to identify unruly fans and discriminatory behaviour.

Spot COVID-19 Tests Will Be Taken

The Premier League has put in place a number of new measures that fans will be subjected to when they attend live games. These measures are in place to limit and prevent the outbreak of COVID-19. One of the measures that the Premier League will take is to carry out COVID spot tests. These spot tests are not mandatory by the UK government but something that Premier League clubs want to enforce going forward.

When a fan is subjected to a COVID spot test, they will either have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a lateral flow test with a negative result. Fans are also encouraged to wear masks even though it is not mandatory. The Clubs will have clear instructions displayed encouraging fans to eat and drink from their seats rather than gather in groups at the concourse.

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