Scott Wellenbach Donates 2019 PCA Winnings To Multiple Charities

Updated On May 3, 2019 by Natalie Whitehead

Scott WellenbachScott Wellenbach travels around the world as a Buddhist text translator. However, he made a name for himself not for his translation skills but for his skills at the poker table. Wellenbach is not just another regular poker player. He plays poker for charity.

In fact, when he took third place at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event in January, he made a promise to give away all of his winnings and surprised a lot of people. His winnings from the 2019 PCA amounted to a massive $671,000.

Three months after his victory, the Philadelphia native is close to fulfilling his vow. So far, a number of charitable organizations such as Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders, and REG charities which include Humane Slaughter Association and Against Malaria Foundation, will share $100,000 of Wellenbach’s total prize money.

A couple of nunneries in Nepal and some charitable groups in his own city of Halifax in Canada can also expect to receive a chunk of the winnings.



This is not the first time that Wellenbach has donated his winnings to worthy causes. Even before finding success at the 2019 PCA, he would play small cash games and also give away his prize money no matter how much he won at the tables.

Most poker players put pressure on themselves to win at the table as that’s how they make a living. Not Wellenbach as his goal of winning at poker is to give it all away. There are quite a few poker players and poker fans who want to know what makes Wellenbach give it all away.

His answer is very simple – he does it because he can afford to do so. Wellenbach, who currently resides in Halifax, is a widower with no children. He’s been working as translator for several years now and his earnings mainly go to valuable investments, giving him financial freedom. He lives in his own house; he has a car; his needs are well taken care of. He lives a comfortable life, and for him that is enough.

Addicted To Poker Not Winnings

Wellenbach is now 68 years old and he knows very well that everything in this world is temporary. While most poker players focus on building a rich bankroll and living a fancy life, Wellenbach has taken the road less travelled.

Wellenbach is not in it for the money but will still spend the remaining years of his life playing poker because, as he admits he is addicted to the game.

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