Sportsbet Launches Campaign to Fight Problem Gambling in Australia

Updated On Aug 17, 2021 by Cameron Bishop, part of the Flutter Entertainment family, announced a new campaign to help problem gamblers seek help, thus addressing the issue head-on. Sportsbet is one of the leaders in the sports betting industry, holding a leadership position in the Australian market.

The company has announced a take a sec before you bet campaign that encourages users to be more cautious when betting and interacting with gambling products. Since the company pulls major clout in the AU sports betting market, it felt the need to encourage a wider review of responsible gambling practices. It will do so by urging users to set deposit limits across their online betting accounts, both at Sportsbet and other platforms.

Sportsbet is persistent in reaching a broader audience when it comes to discussing safer sports betting practices online. This move comes at precisely the right time, before the start of the betting season, as some of the biggest sports events in the betting calendar, AFL, Australian Open as well as international favourites such as the NBA and NFL and the English Premier League are just around the corner.

Sportsbet’s campaign will hit TV, radio, media outlets, broadcast integrations, billboards, and other assets.

Sportsbet’s CEO, Barni Evans, confirmed the company’s efforts and role in promoting more conscious gambling habits and responsibility regardless of the platform in use. Sportsbet will continue to promote the underlying message that users need to pay attention to their gambling actions irrespective of their preference and experience.

Other companies are also getting involved in promoting responsible gambling practices. As multiple platforms get together to boost efforts to fight bad gambling habits, it creates the trend of building a safer gambling environment for everyone.

A few months back, DraftKings and the American Gaming Association (AGA) started the Have a Game Plan initiative to help fight problem sports betting in the States as things have begun to lose control.

On the other hand, one of Flutter’s and DraftKings’ main competitors, BetMGM, launched GameSense — a platform aiming to improve responsible gambling.

Similarly, AGA has pushed for clearer messages regarding responsible gambling, especially by implementing disclaimers on websites that inform gamblers about the possible risks that occur from their gambling habits.

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