Raptors’ 11 Match Winning Streak Ended By Thunder

Updated On Mar 19, 2018 by Landon Wheeler

Russell Westbrook celebrates-scoring against Toronto Raptors: March 18th 2018Toronto Raptors have been on fire winning their last eleven consecutive games and wanted to set a team record by going 12-0 and winning their Sunday match special against Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC). The Raptors had every opportunity to do so in what was a fiercely competitive and exciting game that was decided in the final minute of the game.

The scores were tied at 125-125 with less than 60 seconds left on the clock as both teams knew that the game was in the balance. However OKC took their game to another level in both defense and attack as they prevented the Raptors from scoring any more points and went on to score 7 points in less than a minute to break the Raptor’s winning streak and win 132-125.

OKC knew going into their match against the Raptors that it would take something special from them to upset their eleven match winning stream. OKC played well as a team and Russell Westbrook led the charge with 13 rebounds, 14 assists and 37 points. He also scored his 102nd triple double during the match and is now fourth on the all-time list of triple double’s behind greats Jason Kidd (107), Magic Johnson (138) and Oscar Robertson (181).

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Toronto Raptors Blame Poor Referring For Loss

The Toronto Raptors were very keen on extending their winning stream and setting a new franchise record. They felt that were at a huge disadvantage due to the officiating as a number of calls went against them throughout the game. Things went really bad for the Raptors during the final minute of the game as match officials decided to eject Raptors coach Dwane Casey along with Serge Ibaka and DeMar DeRozan during the last 8 seconds of the game which caused a crowd of nearly 20,000 fans to emit loud boos.

In a statement, Casey said

We shot ourselves in the foot, we missed some easy shots, layups, free throws, turnovers. And that's a good team. But we'll complain in the right, proper way of how the game is called. And again officials are going to miss calls. But at the juncture of the game where some of the calls were made, we've got to get it right around the league. Not just this game, but our entire league

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