Online BingoIt is illegal for any bingo site to operate from within South Africa for there is no legal framework in place to license and regulate them. The only online gambling sites that are licensed in South Africa are online betting sites.

You will find however that there are many online bingo sites who will readily allow you to sign up to their respective site and play real money or free to play bingo games and those sites will be licensed in different countries where they are actually based and operated from.

List of Bingo sites accepts player from South Africa:

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In this guide we are going to take a look at many different aspects of playing bingo online in South Africa and you will find lots of questions that you may have answered throughout it. So please do have a look through it for we will also enlighten you on which online gambling licensing commissions can be relied on to license bingo sites that are run and operated to the very highest standards, which of course are the bingo sites you will be looking to play at.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lots of questions regarding playing bingo online in South Africa? If so then we invite you to keep on reading for below are the top ten most frequently asked questions by bingo players based in South Africa all of which are answered in full detail!

  • Are there any limits on how much I can win?

    The attraction for many bingo players who decide to move their real money bingo playing action online is that there are never any maximum amounts of cash that you can win from playing bingo in this way. With there being lots of different online bingo sites, bingo tournaments and bingo games including progressive bingo games you could win any amount of cash when playing online.

  • Are bingo winnings taxable?

    You are not going to have to pay any tax on any winnings accumulated when playing gambling games or betting online, as currently all winnings achieved in this way are exempt from any type of taxes in South Africa.

    The gambling venues licensed in South Africa are required to pay taxes, and those gambling sites based offshore and in other countries will be paying tax in the country where they are both licensed and based. However, you will not have to pay any taxes on your winnings no matter how much you win when gambling online.

  • What protection do I have playing bingo online?

    You will only ever want to be playing bingo online at sites you can trust and the only way you are going to get the added protection of having someone to turn to if you do experience any type of problem at any online bingo site is by playing at a site that is licensed.

    By doing so if you do have any problems you will be able to direct your problems to the licensing authority of the site you are playing at and they should then be able to address your problems swiftly and in a totally unbiased way, so always ensure the bingo site you join up to and become a player of is licensed and licensed by one of our listed highly respected licensing jurisdictions to ensure you always have the maximum protection.

  • How much do online bingo tickets cost?

    You may not have to pay anything to play real money bingo games online as during the day and night many bingo sites will have a range of free of charge bingo games available to their players, however you will also find that when forced to pay for your bingo tickets the cost per ticket can be very low, but some bingo games do come with slightly higher ticket prices and they are usually the higher paying bingo jackpot games.

  • Do online bingo sites have jackpot games?

    We have yet to find an online bingo site that does not have any bingo jackpot games on offer! As such if you wish to try your luck playing huge jackpot paying bingo games then you really are going to be spoilt for choice as the number of these types of games being played each day of the week is huge.

  • When is the best time to play bingo online?

    There are going to be some times of the day or night when bingo sites can be very busy and as such if you want to play bingo games that have some very large cash prizes on offer you are best off playing at the busier times of the day or night, however there are also some times when the bingo sites available online are very quiet. If you choose to play at quieter times of the night or day then you will find there are fewer players playing in each bingo room and as such you may have a slightly increased chance of winning the bingo games on offer.

  • What is the legal age to play bingo online?

    To be able to legally gamble in South Africa you must have reached the age of 18. It is illegal in South Africa to gamble if you are under the age of 18 and all sites and venues offering any type of gambling services or games of chance must always ensure anyone accessing and playing those games is over the age of 18. When playing or betting at online gambling sites you will often be required to furnish those sites with identification to prove that you are over the age of 18, if you cannot supply them with copies of your identification documents your accounts will be locked until such a time that you can.

  • What bingo games can I play online?

    You may have your own preferred type of bingo games that you enjoy playing in land based bingo venues and if so you will certainly find those types of games available. You will find some fast paced bingo games on offer which are the 75 and 80 ball bingo games and you are also going to come across 90 ball bingo games on offer.

    Plus you will also find that you can take part in some community styled games which are known as bingo chat games and also there will never be any shortages of jackpot bingo games available online.

  • Do I have to download any software?

    You will have several different was of being able to play bingo online some bingo sites offer a fully downloadable gaming platform and by downloading the software onto your computer you can access their range of games at any time. However, there is another way you can play bingo games online and this is by using a web browser to access an online bingo site and then playing the range of games available in that web browser. This type of gaming platform is often known as an instant play or no download gaming platform and most bingo sites have them on offer.

  • How do I know bingo games are fair?

    You will find that when you play online bingo games at a licensed bingo site all of the games they have on offer and also the random number generators that power those games have all been tested before being launched to ensure they are fair and random. Also each game is double checked by an independent game testing company who also certify those games as being fair, and the licensing authority will also regular inspect the games to ensure players are always getting a fair and random bingo game playing experience online at any sites they license.

Legal Commonwealth Licensing Jurisdictions

  • UK Gambling Commission – For a completely safe and secure type of online bingo playing experience you will be best advised to stick to playing at sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or one of the following three other highly efficient licensing commissions.
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner – Another first class gaming site regulator is the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, who ensures each and every single gambling site including online bingo sites are run and operated to the very highest industry standards.
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission – If you come across one of the many bingo site that holds an Alderney gambling license then you will be assured of a first class gambling experience online and will be playing bingo games at a site you can trust 100%.
  • Isle of Man Casino Control Commission – There are quite a number of bingo sites licensed by the Isle of Man Control Commission and every single one of them offers certified fair games and a first class gaming experience.

Other Gambling Jurisdictions

Both the Government of Curacao and the Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling can and do issue online poker site gambling licenses however they are not very good at regulating those sites they license and as such you are highly unlikely to get any satisfaction should experience any problems any bingo sites licensed by either of these two entities if you approach them for assistance.