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If you are new to the world of boxing, I can tell you that this sport has nothing to do with actual boxes. It’s essentially a combat sport consisting of two opponents throwing punches at each other for a set amount of time and a set number of rounds, taking place in an enclosed space referred to as a boxing ring.

A boxing match is won when a fighter knocks out their opponent or by the decision of a judge when the fight manages to go the entire duration. A fight can also be won when an opponent decides not to continue fighting or when they are disqualified.

Fighters typically wear protective gloves; however, they are more for protecting the fighter’s hands as opposed to protecting the body and face of their opponents.

In the past, boxers fought without gloves, known as bare-knuckle boxing. The duration of a boxing match greatly depends on a handful of factors. When it comes to professional boxing, rounds are three minutes in duration and up to 12 rounds per fight. Between rounds, boxers receive a one minute break to recover, rest and communicate with their trainers before the next round begin. A boxing match is scored by three judges on a 10 point system.

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In this article, I will provide the different boxing organisations that bettors can use to make their bets, explain the different types of bets you can find in boxing, and offer boxing betting strategies and tips that can be extremely useful prior to placing a bet. Furthermore, I will walk you through the legality of betting on boxing, including the most common questions surrounding boxing betting, and tell you why I believe boxing is a fantastic sport to place a bet on.

If you already have a good understanding on how to bet on boxing and simply want to find a legal and trustworthy online sports betting site, you can select one of my highly recommended sportsbooks below and register a new account:

Popular Boxing Events

One of the most perplexing factors when it comes to boxing is that there are several different organisations and leagues that boxers can fight in. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to establish who the best boxer is at each weight class. The most important distinction is to find out whether the boxing organisation is professional or amateur.


The amateur distinction when it comes to boxing is completely different when compared to other forms of sport. When you hear amateur, you immediately think that the boxer is someone new from a gym located down the street. However, amateur boxers are normally excellent fighters and most of the time perform at pro level, but remain a status as an amateur so as to compete in the Olympics. It’s worth mentioning that professional boxers can’t compete in the Olympics. Fighters will remain an amateur to obtain additional experience and fights before moving up to the professional level.


Fighters at a professional boxing level essentially get paid for fighting against their opponents and are considered professionals. Within the realm of professional boxing, there are loads of different championships and organisations that can be won. There are four that are considered the most prestigious that bettors will need to pay close attention to, especially when they want to bet on boxing. These include:

There are up to 17 different weight classes in each of these that will have their very own champion. Therefore, at any given time there will be more than 60 different champions in just these four organisations alone.

Different Boxing Betting Selections

Most new bettors believe that you can only bet on who the winner will be when it comes to betting on boxing. However, there are plenty of different betting types on different aspects during a fight. This allows flexibility to leverage a range of predictions that will be more specific on how the fight will go and might not even have anything to do with the winner of the fight. I included the most popular types of boxing betting and explained what each of them means:


This is considered the most popular bet when in comes to boxing. Bettors will bet on who they think will win the fight outright. Moneylines are also known as the odds and will give bettors a good indication of what the betting public and sportsbooks believe will occur in the fight. Moneyline wagers are presented in fractional, American, and decimal odds and indicate how much you stand to win for each bet. American odds are the most popular and are represented by a number along with a minus and plus sign. The plus sign indicates an underdog boxer, while the minus sign means the boxer is favoured. Moneylines are the easiest wagers to get started with as you’ll only need to pick the winner of the fight.

Over/Under Bets

As I previously mentioned, fights are always scheduled on a predetermined number of boxing rounds, given that both fighters are still in the fight. Bettors can predict whether the fight will last longer or less than a specific number of rounds. For instance, a sportsbook might set the line at Over/Under five rounds. Should you decide to bet Under, you will win the bet if the fight is stopped in round one through to four. Should you choose to bet Over, you will win when the fight continues until round six. Should the fight be stopped during the fifth round, it will be considered a push and you receive your money back.


This is a very big gamble, but you basically making a bet that the fight will end up in a draw. This is extremely rare, but they do occur in boxing due to the scoring system. Making a draw bet is highly rewarding as they are so rare. A bet of $100 can easily pocket you a $1,000 or even more. Although I don’t recommend making this type of bet, they are available and add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your boxing betting experience.

Prop Bets

This type of bet is outside who the actual winner will be. These typically include draw and over/under bets, along with a host of other unique options. One of the most popular prop bets is wagering how the fight will end. It can either end by a knockout, disqualification, judge decision, etc. Some sports betting sites even offer number of punches landed or thrown along with the exact amount of round a fight will last.

Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

The best part about professional boxing is that there’s an endless list of information that you can use to your advantage before making your bet.

Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

It’s fantastic to have such valuable information at hand, but it can easily become overwhelming and confusing when you don’t know what to concentrate on which can lead to you wasting your time. Below I have outlined the most important aspects you can research before the fight to assist you in making bettor choices in the boxing ring.

Understanding Stylistic Matchups

All boxers are not created equally, and they also don’t fight in the same way when fighting against someone with a different fighting style. It’s important that you understand how each boxer fights and how they match up against the style of their next opponent. If a boxer is considered a power puncher that straggles against quickness and speed, it will be pointless to bet on them if they are going up against a super quick boxer. If a boxer is considered a counter puncher who struggles against opponents that are counter punchers, its best to avoid placing a bet on either. Always ensure that you check both fighters before a fight to determine their weaknesses against each other.

Training Partners

Always remember that any fighter in a combat sport will only be as good as the training partner they choose to train with. The very first thing you need to check when choosing a fighter is to find out if they are training with the best. Those that train with the best in the industry will get better sparring during fight camp and will be taught more from experienced guys. In addition, you will also need to check if the training partners mirror the fighting style of their opponents. If a fighter is training against orthodox fighters, but the fight is against a southpaw, you can immediately predict how the fight will turn out.

Take Note of Previous Punishment

This means you will need to check how much each fighter has been beaten up in previous fights. There’s an old boxer phrase that a fighter can lose their mojo in a minute, which means they can go from incredible to terrible overnight purely due to a bad knockout from an opponent. It might be physical or psychological, but how often a fighter gets beaten up will have a significant impact on their performance for their next bout.

Avoid Public Opinion

The best advice I can give you when betting on boxing is to avoid the opinions of the general public. The public tends to bet with their hearts and not nearly enough with their heads. They tend to love a great come back story and underdogs. However, the biggest problem with this is that no one will care about a sensational story when fight night rolls around. The better fighter will always prevail. The best strategy is to avoid the public completely and make your own prediction before listening to advice from the media.

Legality of Boxing Betting

Bettors from around the world are more than welcome to place a bet on boxing. However, there are certain parts of the world where the laws prohibit online sports betting, such as the United States. Therefore, most Americans will make their way to offshore sports betting sites in the hopes of winning a wager. However, with so many sports betting sites available online, it’s quite difficult to know which one is trustworthy and reputable if you don’t know what to look for.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you utilise the sportsbooks I included in my article as each of these sites have been vetted after hours of research and testing. Each of my recommended legal sportsbook sites are ranked according to several key factors, including withdrawal processing times, customer service, licensing, third-party audits, and level of security on your personal and financial information.


Betting on boxing is an exhilarating experience that can provide loads of winning possibilities thanks to the wide range of betting markets available in the sport. Locating the best online sportsbook in terms of competitive odds and betting markets is a vital part in the success of any bettor, leading to long-term profitability when the optimal betting strategy is incorporated.

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