The online community is an ever-evolving organism. It has shown its ability to grow, nurture and adapt to all kinds of novelties. That is why almost everything is available online nowadays – books, movies, academic courses and much more, thanks to the ultimate virtual shopping experience.

Ever since Internet users were allowed to perform online financial transactions, most providers have aimed to improve their payment methods and draw greater attention to the selection.

One such globally widespread provider of transaction methods for the massive online market is the company PayPal. It represents an astounding coverage of over 250 markets with their diversity of products, and an even greater geographic spread.

These achievements helped PayPal enter the area of online gambling. Considering the fact that many people had already created their account on this platform, casino players simply made use of this convenience.

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Generally speaking, PayPal may be categorized as a type of e-wallet software which acts as an online storage space for all your finances. Since its beginnings, back in 1998/99, great advances have been made in the field of market availability, customer security and performance optimization. During its time under eBay, they seem to have established an unparalleled tandem which immediately brought about a significant rise in revenues. As of recently, PayPal is aiming to take over any remaining territories, leading the industry forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though they have been in the industry for almost two decades now, PayPal is still big news in many places around the world. Due to its unconventional way of functioning, a lot of people still feel like there are mysteries surrounding this transaction method. In turn, this has put off many potential users. Nevertheless, a simple clarification of its basics is bound to pave the way for an even greater expansion.

  1. How can I set up a PayPal account?

    You can access the PayPal website from any device which is connected to the Internet. Once you click on the sign up option, you will need to enter some of your basic personal information. There’s no need to worry, because it doesn’t demand any in-depth details. Apart from that, you will need to choose your preferred banking option – credit card, debit card or bank account. This will enable you to deposit as much funds as you will need on your PayPal account.

  2. How should I connect my PayPal account with my online casino?

    All you have to do is find the best casino which accepts PayPal and create an account there. After that, you should select PayPal as your chosen payment method. Depositing money from this account into your casino balance is the last step before using it on some of their best games offered.

    The withdrawal goes much the same way, as you can choose PayPal to withdraw the money you have won. After that, all it takes is for you to transfer the money from this account into your traditional banking accounts and cash out.

  3. Is my personal information safe and private when using PayPal in casinos?

    Using this transfer method for your online casino experience is one of the safest choices out there. After you’ve signed up to get an account, no other site will demand any personal or financial information.

    As for the access to casinos using this same method, the email address attached to your PayPal account should be enough when performing any transactions. Hence, you won’t have to share anything that might make your experience less comfortable. Additionally, the company’s impeccable track record and trustworthy security policy are sure to account for your safety while gambling online.

  4. Can I use PayPal for online casinos in my country?

    In general, PayPal is available on many soils. Nevertheless, there are certain countries whose internal policies prohibit the use of such financial transfer methods for all transactions, not just online casinos. Considering the fact that this is quite a subjective question, you would need to check the specifics for your particular country of residence in order to be certain.

  5. Are there any transaction fees when using PayPal?

    Most of the time, there is no charge for online casino transactions performed using PayPal accounts. However, some specific situations may impose insignificant fees for their trouble. This happens in cases when the currency used by the online casino is different from the one you have set up as default for your account. Other situations which involve fees include credit card or cross-border transactions.

  6. There must be some disadvantages to using it. What are they?

    Understandably, there is no such thing as a perfect product. In the case of PayPal, there are several disadvantages which might have been already deduced from the previous discussion. The mention of fees is no pleasant topic for any e-wallet user, and even though this provider tends to keep it in the minimum, no one is expected to be pleased with having money taken from their accounts.

    Another practice by PayPal administration which might come as a disadvantage to you at some point is the chance of having your account frozen by their developers. This usually happens in situations which show traces of suspicious traffic, like extensive spending on online poker rooms or slots. Others might consider this an advantage, because it shows that the company is making efforts to keep the business honest and trustworthy.

    This final setback is a bit off the topic, as it doesn’t depend on the company altogether, but also on the specific location. Namely, PayPal’s inability to provide service in a number of online casinos and countries is still an obstacle to many potential users. In any case, the limitations are imposed by other parties, which is reason enough to take the blame off of PayPal.

  7. Are there other popular services like PayPal for comparison?

    Yes, there are. E-wallets are a widespread technology and people are able to choose from multiple providers when looking for their preferred option. Most of them offer the standard options, while there are several that seem to approach PayPal in their services. What they still lack is its reputation and track record, as well as its unparalleled coverage.

    The most popular alternatives for PayPal include Neteller and Skrill, as well as some other less prominent ones. All of these are able to provide a satisfactory, although not equal service.

  8. Can PayPal be used on multiple platforms, such as mobile devices?

    If you prefer the mobile version of the online casino of your choice, you shouldn’t have any trouble using it. Although money transfers seem to be tricky, PayPal has a well-developed system that functions properly on multiple platforms, mobile devices included.

    All you need to do is download the company’s native mobile app suitable to your operative system and start depositing into your casino account. After that, you’re good to go, or even better, win.

  9. Are there any amount limits or requirements for depositing or withdrawing through PayPal?

    Depositing money for the first time might catch you off guard, as there is a certain limit of about $10-$15 set as the minimum amount. However, apart from this, there are rarely any limitations on further deposits, as well as withdrawals, usually if they don’t include any credit card transactions.

  10. Will I be able to use the casinos’ bonuses and promotions if I choose PayPal as my payment option?

    You are mainly going to be able to use all casino offers, no matter which payment method you choose. If there are certain limitations, these should be marginal. Nevertheless, they might even come handy when choosing which casino to trust your money with. After all, the casino of your preference shouldn’t have to blackmail you into using a payment method other than your preferred one.

    In any case, most reputable online casinos tend to distance themselves from such actions and allow complete customization freedom to their players, including various welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, and even a set of customer support options.

PayPal Online Casino Legislation

The legal aspect of using PayPal mainly depends on your country’s policy, as you have already seen. Online casinos fall under the same jurisdictions, but they also require licenses which means you have to pay great attention when distinguishing which one is legal.

Almost all countries which have adopted one or the other have a unique approach to this matter. For example, India has a strict policy which prohibits its residents from withdrawing, i.e. receiving money from foreign accounts, while Turkey cannot send funds to such profiles. Egypt, on the other hand, completely blocks any usage of PayPal, which is why you should avoid opening your account during any stay on their territory.

Contrary to this, there is the USA, Canada and Australia, which all have their own stance towards online casinos. Namely, it is generally prohibited in the US, except for the established Nevada and New Jersey gambling cases. Canada is still indifferent, leaving it as a sort of a grey zone, while Australia has straightforwardly licensed online casinos. Nevertheless, not one of them allows PayPal interference in their online gambling community.

PayPal has recently made some efforts for expansion, mainly aiming for a return to US mainland, along with online casinos which are still predominantly offshore.