Ever since gambling entered the online sphere, there have been many changes and improvements to the traditional rules. Bingo is one of the oldest games of chance which saw the advance of online gambling.

Bingo players have definitely benefited from this situation. They no longer have to leave their homes in order to find the nearest bingo house. Nowadays, they have a chance to use the commute time and travel expenses for other purposes.

Nevertheless, the matter of legality can get a bit tricky when it comes to such games. After all, land-based casinos and bingo houses have a reputation for opposing the authorities. So it comes as no surprise that the same arguments have reappeared with bingo sites. Most jurisdictions simply wish to apply the same laws which already regulate the traditional land-based bingo houses.

In this regard it is important to understand how this is handled in most countries. There are still no signs of legalization in the US while Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware still hold the primate in gambling. On the other hand, European countries provide solid legal and regulated opportunities for such entertainment. Lands like Canada still avoid this topic when forming legislations, while Australia is already fighting about this issue. In any case, even places which haven’t legalized it completely can choose from the many offshore regulated bingo sites which are at their disposal.

Now that bitcoins have been included as a type of currency available to bingo players, the legal issues have practically doubled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It comes as no surprise that people would have quite a lot of questions and misconceptions when it comes to online bitcoin bingo games. This is definitely a strange combination between one of the oldest game of chance which is slowly losing its charm and one of the newest digital currencies on the market which is in its prime. The best thing to do is to go through some of the most frequent issues and their answers in order to get some guidance.

  1. What are bitcoins?

    Bitcoins have entered the cyberspace almost a decade ago as one of the latest cryptocurrencies. What’s specific about them is the fact that they don’t actually exist. They are simply digital codes which move through the Internet from one e-wallet to the other.

    Another interesting thing about bitcoins is the way that they are transferred. Unlike traditional currencies which require a third party involvement, bitcoins function on a peer-to-peer basis. This has greatly facilitated the entire process of dealing with payment transfers.

  2. How do I set up an account on a bitcoin bingo site?

    A bitcoin bingo site is just like any other bingo site you have been using so far. All you need for this specific type are bitcoins. After you sign up on the site, you are supposed to choose bitcoins as your preferred currency in the deposits or cashier feature. This should take you to a marked box on the website where you are supposed to input the address of your personal e-wallet. Depositing bitcoins to your bingo site account is the final step before you can start playing the same games which are available with other payment methods like credit or debit cards.

  3. What are e-wallets, in particular?

    E-wallets are specific online services which function as a storage place for your cryptocurrencies, in this case, bitcoins. They are available as downloadable software or as a cloud storage space depending on your needs. The latter option allows you greater mobility because you only need an Internet connection and a device to enter it but most people view the former option as more reliable.

  4. What are the benefits of using bitcoins instead of real currencies for bingo sites?

    There are numerous benefits from the use of bitcoins, but the greatest one is anonymity. E-wallet services demand the basics in order to sign you up for an account without sharing any bank accounts or other private and sensitive information. A bitcoin deposit or withdrawal can only help you find the starting address and nothing more.

    Thus, bitcoins can be used for criminal purposes, not only legal bingo games. Luckily, this freedom of information has a certain restriction. Bitcoins do not hold any personal data but they can store information about their previous location in order to maintain some transparency. This technology is known as blockchain because it allows the bitcoin to create an entire chain of all its movements encrypted into blocks of code.

  5. Which games am I able to play at bitcoin bingo sites?

    Bitcoin bingo sites offer the same array of games that you will find elsewhere. The most popular ones can be categorized by the number of balls or the pattern which determines the winner. Hence, according to the number of balls, 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball bingo games are available practically everywhere but the first and the last one are the most popular. Another version is pattern bingo games, which can also be found on bitcoin bingo sites. These need you to guess the pattern.

    Progressive bingo is the third option and it requires that you hit the lines with a certain number of balls. Many players aim at these progressive bingo games, mainly due to their huge jackpot payouts. Finally, Keno is a specific bingo game which is based on the numbers you select by drawing 20 balls (out of 40 or 80). As for TV game show lovers, there are unique games inspired by these popular series.

  6. What’s the best strategy to win on a bitcoin bingo site?

    There is no one specific strategy that can lead you to certain victory. This goes for any gambling sites. However, when it comes to bitcoin bingo sites, there are a few moves which might increase your chances. For one, you could try playing more cards. The best way to do this is by starting off with a single card and slowly improving your skills. If you’re worried about missing any number, you can always switch to ‘auto’ mode and let the site track the numbers for you.

    Some basic knowledge about the game couldn’t hurt you either, but the crucial thing is that you remain calm and patient.

  7. Do I get any bonus offers if I use bitcoins on my bingo site?

    Yes, of course. Even though various sites may offer their own bonus selections, you shouldn’t have any trouble claiming those which are available. Plus, a certain strategy might help you make the most out of your bonus. If you have a bigger initial bankroll for example, you should go for the site with the best first deposit bonus. Otherwise, you can choose a site which has a good no deposit bonus offer. You should also keep any loyalty or re-deposit bonuses you might get along the way.

  8. Is there a difference between bitcoin and regular bingo sites when it comes to ticket prices and prizes?

    There is a slight difference, but it is in favor of online bitcoin bingo players. These sites have extremely low prices for their tickets, starting all the way from 1/1000 of a single bitcoin. Of course, this may not be as little as you imagine since that the bitcoin’s value is witnessing a constant increase recently. Nevertheless, everyone can see that bitcoin bingo sites have much better player offers.

  9. How reliable are bitcoins?

    Just like any other cryptocurrency, bitcoins are changeable and have a rather unstable exchange rate. Still, there are certain factors which influence this process and can be changed by others. These factors include social and economical issues in the countries where it is used and the state of the real-life currencies there, as well as the political stability.

  10. Am I going to be charged any bitcoin transfer fees?

    Players do not pay any fees for bitcoin transfers because there is no one in charge of them. Of course, there is a team of developers which constantly improve the system and fix problems, but there is no single owner. Due to this open source character, all bitcoin transactions are free.

Legal Implications Regarding Bitcoin Bingo Sites

Bingo sites usually comply with the standard gambling laws and regulations of the country where they are located. Moreover, the land-based authorities which certify all gambling sites are also included in the matter.

Nevertheless, bitcoin bingo sites provide additional complications. For one, they cannot be taxed because they are not controlled by a single government. However, some countries have banned this currency completely.

With everything else in place, the most important thing to check would be your country’s specific legislations. This should get you started with your online bitcoin bingo games from all over the world.